Use the form below to submit a maintenance request. Please be as descriptive as possible with your description, this will allow our team to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Cleaning: Residents are responsible for the maintaining a clean environment at all times.

If we see or are notified that a unit needs to be cleaned, we will notify the residents to clean their unit and verify that is has been done. If the condition of the unit has not improved, we will hire a professional company at the resident’s expense.

Painting: Interior and exterior painting of any kind is prohibited. Contact us if you need paint touch-ups, and we can provide paint.

Appliances: Residents are responsible for the care of all appliances.

Garbage Disposals: Residents should always run water when using the disposal and only use it for small amounts of food. Do NOT put these items in the garbage disposal: bones, fats, grease, pasta & rice products, lettuce & spinach, banana & potato peelings.

HVAC: Residents are responsible for maintaining reasonable temperatures at their unit to ensure their HVAC system is not experiencing undue stress.

Residents should not run air conditioning if the outside temperature is below 65 degrees.

Lightbulbs: Residents are responsible for replacing burnt out light bulbs, aside from fluorescent lightbulbs, which we will replace. Replacement bulbs should not exceed the recommended wattage.

Smoke Alarm Batteries: Residents are responsible for replacing batteries for battery operated smoke alarms whenever necessary.

Never tamper with, disable, or remove batteries in the smoke alarms. Any units with detectors that are found in violation or lacking functioning batteries will be assessed a minimum of $10.00 in fees.

Toilets: Residents are required to purchase a plunger for unclogging their stool. Toilet paper is the only acceptable paper product to flush is toilet paper. Never flush facial tissue, cotton swabs, or sanitary napkins. If these products cause a sewer back up, you will be charged for a service call.

Windows: Windows must be closed when it rains or snows, or in extremely windy conditions.

Utilities: Residents are required to keep utility services in their name throughout the term of their lease agreement.